Publications & Downloads

This section gathers our research results from NESPOQ and related projects.

2023/10Burdiak P., Kapičák L., Michalek L., Dervisevic E., Mehic M., and Voznak M.Demonstration of QKD
Integration into 5G Campus Network
2023 International Conference on Software,
Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM)
2023/10Klicnik, O.; Munster, P.; Horvath, T.Multiplexing Quantum and Classical Channels of a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
System by Using the Attenuation Method
2023/09KLÍČNÍK, Ondřej, Klára TURČANOVÁ, Petr MÜNSTER, Adrián TOMAŠOV, Tomáš
Deploying Quantum Key Distribution into the Existing
University Data Infrastructure
2023/08Mehic M., Michalek L., Dervisevic E., Burdiak P., Plakalovic M., Rozhon J., Mahovac N.,
Richter F., Kaljic E., Lauterbach F., Njemcevic P., Maric A., Hamza M., Fazio P., and Voznak
Quantum Cryptography in 5G Networks: A Comprehensive OverviewIEEE Communications Surveys & TutorialsIEEE
2023/07DOBIÁŠ, P.; RICCI, S.; DZURENDA, P.; MALINA, L.; SNETKOV, N.Lattice-based
Threshold Signature Implementation for Constrained Devices
2022/09MEHIC, M., RASS, S., FAZIO, P., VOZNAK, M.Quantum Key Distribution NetworksBook, SpringerSpringer
2022/10M. Mehic, S. Rass, E. Dervisevic and M. VoznakTackling Denial of Service Attacks on Key
Management in Software-Defined Quantum Key Distribution Networks
2022/10Josef Vojtech, Rudolf Vohnout, Ondřej Havliš, Petr Pospíšil, Martin Šlapák, Radek Velc, Lada
Altmannová, Tomáš Horváth, Jan Kundrát, Michal Hažlinský, Elisabeth Andriantsarazo, and Piotr
First cross-border trial of quantum key distribution sharing fiber line with data and accurate time transmissionsProc. SPIE 12238, Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging
XX, 122380H
2022/09KLÍČNÍK, Ondřej, Adrián TOMAŠOV, Petr MÜNSTER, Tomáš HORVÁTH a Jan HAJNÝ.Long-term Parameters Monitoring of the IDQ Clavis 3 QKD SystemIn: 2022 International
Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM).
2022/07MALINA, L.; RICCI, S.; DOBIÁŠ, P.; JEDLIČKA, P.; HAJNÝ, J.; CHOO, K. On the Efficiency and Security of Quantum-resistant Key Establishment Mechanisms on FPGA Platforms.In 19th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2022).Scitepress
2022/03Ivan Zelinka, Quoc Bao Diep, Václav Snášel, Swagatam Das, Giacomo Innocenti, Alberto Tesi, Fabio Schoen, Nikolay V. KuznetsovImpact of chaotic dynamics on the performance of metaheuristic optimization algorithms: An experimental analysisInformation SciencesELSEVIER
2021/10/25KLÍČNÍK, O.; MÜNSTER, P.; HORVÁTH, T.; HAJNÝ, J.; MALINA, L. Quantum Key Distribution PolygonIn 2021 13th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT).IEEE
2021/08/17RICCI, S.; MALINA, L.; JEDLIČKA, P.; SMÉKAL, D.; HAJNÝ, J.; CÍBIK, P.; DZURENDA, P.; DOBIÁŠ, P.Implementing CRYSTALS-Dilithium Signature Scheme on FPGAsARES 2021 (main track)ACM
2021/06/06RICCI, S.; JEDLIČKA, P.; CÍBIK, P.; DZURENDA, P.; MALINA, L.; HAJNÝ, J.Towards CRYSTALS-Kyber VHDL ImplementationSECRYPT 2021Scitepress
2021/02/24MALINA, L.; DZURENDA, P.; RICCI, S.; HAJNÝ, J.; SRIVASTAVA, G.; MATULEVICIUS, R.; AFFIA, A.; LAURENT, M.; HAQUE SULTAN, N.; TANG, Q.Post-Quantum Era Privacy Protection for Intelligent InfrastructuresIEEE AccessIEEE
2021/02/04MALINA, L.; SMÉKAL, D.; RICCI, S.; HAJNÝ, J.; CÍBIK, P.; HRABOVSKÝ, J.Hardware-Accelerated Cryptography for Software-Defined Networks with P4.SecITC 2020/LNCSSpringer
2020/01/20MALINA, L.; RICCI, S.; DZURENDA, P.; SMÉKAL, D.; HAJNÝ, J.; GERLICH, T. Towards Practical Deployment of Post-quantum Cryptography on Constrained Platforms and Hardware-Accelerated Platforms.Innovative Security Solutions for Information Technology and Communications (SecITC)Springer


The 2nd NESPOQ workshop 2023

The second NESPOQ workshop is located at CVUT-FIT in Prague 18. 9. 2023.

The workshop program 10:00 – 15:00:

  • Introduction and introduction of the participants.
  • Presentation of NESPOQ project activities in 2023.
  • Presentation of results and other activities.
  • Presentation of activities in project stages:
    1) Presentation of stages 3.1 and 3.2 (Crypto BUT, Jan Hajný), the system principle for hybrid key establishment, and the video demo for key exchange and encryption on a real device.
    2) Presentation 3.3 (CESNET + Optolab BUT, Josef Vojtěch and Ondřej Klíčník), the presentation of the QKD system deployed in a practical route for 10 km.
    3) Presentation of stage 3.5. (VŠB, Patrik Burdiak), the current state of the 5G network at VSB labs, a SW cipher solution for testing QKD on 5G.
  • Afternoon program: the introduction of the QKD deployment at CESNET in the Dejvice campus and the 10-km real route.

The presentations can be downloaded from the link (for the password please contact the project manager: Lukas Malina at

The NESPOQ brokerage event 2024

The NESPOQ brokerage event is located at CESNET (address: Generála Píky 430/26, Prague, room: C5.37) 21. 5. 2024.

The workshop program 10:00 – 13:00:

  • Introduction of the participants.
  • NESPOQ project introduction.
  • Presentation of key NESPOQ results and planned activities.
  • Discussion and future steps.

The presentations (in CZ) can be downloaded here .

For more information please contact the project manager: Lukas Malina at