Publications & Downloads

This section gathers our research results from NESPOQ and related projects.

2022/03Ivan Zelinka, Quoc Bao Diep, Václav Snášel, Swagatam Das, Giacomo Innocenti, Alberto Tesi, Fabio Schoen, Nikolay V. KuznetsovImpact of chaotic dynamics on the performance of metaheuristic optimization algorithms: An experimental analysisInformation SciencesELSEVIER
2021/10/25KLÍČNÍK, O.; MÜNSTER, P.; HORVÁTH, T.; HAJNÝ, J.; MALINA, L. Quantum Key Distribution PolygonIn 2021 13th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT).IEEE
2021/08/17RICCI, S.; MALINA, L.; JEDLIČKA, P.; SMÉKAL, D.; HAJNÝ, J.; CÍBIK, P.; DZURENDA, P.; DOBIÁŠ, P.Implementing CRYSTALS-Dilithium Signature Scheme on FPGAsARES 2021 (main track)ACM
2021/06/06RICCI, S.; JEDLIČKA, P.; CÍBIK, P.; DZURENDA, P.; MALINA, L.; HAJNÝ, J.Towards CRYSTALS-Kyber VHDL ImplementationSECRYPT 2021Scitepress
2021/02/24MALINA, L.; DZURENDA, P.; RICCI, S.; HAJNÝ, J.; SRIVASTAVA, G.; MATULEVICIUS, R.; AFFIA, A.; LAURENT, M.; HAQUE SULTAN, N.; TANG, Q.Post-Quantum Era Privacy Protection for Intelligent InfrastructuresIEEE AccessIEEE
2021/02/04MALINA, L.; SMÉKAL, D.; RICCI, S.; HAJNÝ, J.; CÍBIK, P.; HRABOVSKÝ, J.Hardware-Accelerated Cryptography for Software-Defined Networks with P4.SecITC 2020/LNCSSpringer
2020/01/20MALINA, L.; RICCI, S.; DZURENDA, P.; SMÉKAL, D.; HAJNÝ, J.; GERLICH, T. Towards Practical Deployment of Post-quantum Cryptography on Constrained Platforms and Hardware-Accelerated Platforms.Innovative Security Solutions for Information Technology and Communications (SecITC)Springer